ABSTRACT: By exposing compressed inert gases to magnetic and electric stimulation, biological effects have been observed. Some background and review of the subject is presented, and case histories described briefly.

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It has been a dream of mine to share publicly the research I've been doing for the last eleven years. This material will cover a wide range of different topics. I'm going to touch on a little bit of the conventional science about inert gases and what we have known about them for many years. And then discuss how I came to work with these things and the interesting effects they produce. I'll get into some unconventional science about the aether, and the relationship between inert gases, the aether and the aetheric body. I'll get into the engineering part: the physical construction of the devices and how I've been using them. Also, some interesting case studies and information on how inert gases have been working with people over the years. Then I'll close with brief responses to a few questions that have been asked.

Part of the experience of the devices is a personal one, a way in which you can actually feel them yourself. Whenever possible, I like to provide people with the experience of holding and playing with the inert gas devices. It's a way to know them that's just as good, or better, than hearing or reading about them.


I am an engineer, not a medical doctor (MD), so I can't make claims for the devices. I can talk about the experiences that other people have had with them, and I'll be doing that here. But I would emphasize that I am not making any medical or therapeutic claims.


There are five inert gases. They are, in order of atomic size: Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon. When Krypton is mentioned, many people are reminded of Superman. Jerry Segal and Joe Schuster, who began writing the Superman comics in 1937, simply took the name "Krypton" from the Periodic Table. The following chart will outline some statistics regarding these inert gases:
Name  Symbol  Atomic     Boiling      Max. Avail.     Amt. in  the     Approx

              Number     Point(C)   Pressure (PSI)     Atmosphere     US$/ltr.

Helium    He      2      -268.9         6,000           5.2 PPM       $  .10

Neon      Ne     10      -246.07        6,000          18.2 PPM       $ 1.00


Argon     Ar     18      -185.88        6,000          7600 PPM       $  .10


Krypton   Kr     36      -156.6         1,350           1.1 PPM       $ 3.00

Xenon     Xe     54      -108.06          800         0.036 PPM       $11.00
PPM is parts per million. Approx US$ is approximate cost per liter in US dollars in 1995.

In nature, inert gases are found primarily in the atmosphere. We are breathing them right now. The most prevalent of them is the inert gas Argon. Argon's high amount in the air runs to about .76%, or 7600 parts per million. The most rare of the inert gases is Xenon. It is found at an incredibly low level - less than 1 part per ten million in the atmosphere.

Inert gases are extracted by cooling air to a very cold temperature. The air liquefies, and then its temperature is slowly raised. Since each of the inert gases has its own unique boiling point, each one can be pulled off and purified. The gases are called inert because they do not combine naturally in nature. That is, you won't find compounds in nature containing the inert gases. Under laboratory conditions of extremely high pressure and high temperature there are many compounds that have been made, particularly with very active substances, such as Xenon Fluoride and Xenon Chloride, which are fairly easy to make. But they don't occur naturally.

The costs of inert gases are directly related to how difficult it is to extract them from the air. Xenon is quite expensive. The small quantity that might be used (a few liters in one of my devices) can get fairly expensive. When filling a large device, it can cost many hundreds of dollars just for the gas itself. Inevitably, in building the devices a little gas is wasted, too. It is interesting to me to note that the other planets in our solar system that have atmospheres have much higher levels of inert gases than we have here on Earth - more on that later.


I got interested in all of this by reading of the research done by others, especially Maurice Cooke's, in Canada, which became the book "Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore" (copyright 1983 Marcus Books). It covers more about the theory behind inert gas technology - I strongly recommend it. It also covers some aspects one might call intuitive. As I began to investigate the inert gases, I found that I needed to get more intuitive information, so I went to visit a psychic. Her response was that she could not channel the technical information that I wanted - and that I could! Then she asked me if I would like to learn how to do that. That was in 1983. Up to that point, I had built some of the devices and I'd played around with them. And I had lots and lots of questions, but I had never "channeled" per se.

She showed me what to do. I was to get very relaxed, say a prayer of protection and go into a deep trance state to access this energy, which calls itself Hilarion. There are many historical references to Hilarion, as perhaps an earlier incarnation of Plato -- perhaps, Saint John the Apostle. And that's interesting! But my particular contact appears to be from an Atlantean incarnation, when I was aware of things scientific and worked with Hilarion in ways of learning about the science of the time.

That's what has come to me intuitively. There's no way, of course, to check that out. Except that I do hold the idea that, "by your fruits you shall know them." For me, the way in which this has borne itself out as valid and useful is when I use the inert gas devices, or as I use some of the channeled information. I have found that it helps other people, helps myself and is valuable in itself. I think channeling is a very interesting way to access information directly. It is something that I think all of us can do. People with scientific ways of seeing are frequently channeling when they get an idea in the middle of the night, or in the shower when they're suddenly inspired. That's certainly one form of it. I think that, as we become more able to access higher and higher levels of information, more and more ways of working with intuition appropriately will show up.


The idea that has been presented is that we are living and working at a level that transcends much more than just the physical body. We're working with the aetheric body, as well, when we're doing any kind of healing or change work. Healing takes place primarily initially in the aetheric body and this is then transmitted to the physical body. Perhaps you've seen drawings that show the physical body surrounded by the subtle bodies, like the emotional body, the mental body, causal body, and so on. All of those are also very important in the healing process, too. When using the devices we visualize creating a new information blueprint in the mental body, that then is transferred to the aetheric body, and then to the physical body.

Another way of looking at this is that, surrounding the body at all times is a fluid substance called Aetheric Fluidium. In that substance we have the capacity to impress holographic information that then is brought into the physical. The way in which this occurs, however, is not obviously 3 dimensional. Otherwise, you would have the Aetheric Fluidium dripping off your body all the time. Instead, this is taking place at what I'm considering the 4th dimensional level. There are many different ways to get at the 4th dimension. We all know that we are working in the 4th dimension by accessing information intuitively or telepathically. Some experiments that have been done show telepathy over very long distances has been correlated to occur faster than the speed of light, as if occurring at some other dimensional level. I also see that another way to access and get a handle on how to visualize and understand the 4th-dimension is to take the process the opposite way. And in this I would help you recall, perhaps, something you learned in school about what is called Flatland.

Imagine a world that exists only in 2 dimensions, so that beings interacting there have no concept of the 3rd dimension that we have. They have only, say, length and height, they do not have depth. And in such a situation, when two beings might meet, they have only the option of going around each other. They could never go over each other. And, of course, to them the world would seem to be infinite in size. Recognizing this from the 3rd dimension, imagine this very large flat plane was a sphere, connected into itself. Imagine that, if this sphere was large enough, the beings of Flatland would never be aware of its curvature. Now apply this to our own, 3-dimensional space, imagining it somehow curved in the 4th dimension. This is a one way of qualitatively understanding our curved space in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. This helps us understand quantitatively from Einstein's equations how space and time are essentially curved. Now imagine that vibrations could be set up in Flatland by imparting energy from some outside source. In other words, somebody interacting with the flat world pulls on the space that it exists in. By pulling and pushing one could impart a longitudinal vibration, and by sideways movement a transverse vibration.

Now what happens if you begin to move the Flatland plane up and down? Now to our way of thinking we can see that as a 3rd dimensional movement. But the Flatlanders would only be aware of a shadow. There would be an energy that would appear in their reality that Flatlanders would experience as things moving around, or energy that could be experienced in different yet unfamiliar ways.

Similarly, we have the existence of what are postulated as Primary Points. These are points of internodal vibrations that are occurring at the 4th dimension, manifesting themselves at the 3rd dimension. And it is the contention of the information that I'm bringing through that these points are present in the nucleus of the atom of the inert gases.

These primary points are widely distributed all over the galaxy and here on earth. What are emitted from them are all kinds of interesting effects and energies. However, the creation of matter in the nucleus itself tends to mask those effects, so we don't see very much of that energy in its raw form.

This brings us to one of the interesting facts about all of the inert gases. And that is that they are gaseous. For Helium and Neon, that is not so unusual. But certainly for Xenon it is quite unusual, because its atomic size is so large. It's quite a bit larger than Gold, which is quite solid. Yet, conventional science would have us believe that Xenon would should also be solid. And yet, it is gaseous, as is Krypton, also quite large in atomic size. We think now that this is because of a constant, low level emission of some kind of aetheric energy (for lack of a better term).

One way to view this is that the nucleus of the inert gas atoms are a doorway to another dimension. Now that gets a little bit more into "Twilight Zone" than I particularly like. But this does bring up the possibility of tapping into that energy. One way to increase this release of inert gas energy, is to subject the inert gases to high pressure. Under high pressure there tends to be some dislodging of that nucleus and of the atomic structures which allows some of that energy to be released. This will naturally take place in all directions at once. So, if we impose various conditions on this high pressure excited gas, then we can get all kinds of interesting effects in a line, or various other shapes. Before going further, I would like to note that there is another part to this. It has to do with our past history and our connection to the other planets. It has been observed that there are larger quantities of inert gases around other planets that have atmospheres than here on earth. It is the contention of the channeled wisdom that we once had 3% Xenon in our atmosphere and it was removed for us to learn particular lessons.

Xenon, the most interesting of the inert gases, is supposed to have the property of being able to produce regeneration in the body. By subjecting Xenon to high pressure, magnetic fields, electric fields, and so on, some of its energy is released. This energy is identical in nature to the raw material of which our aetheric body is made.

Since our body's DNA has the pattern, we should be able regrow missing body parts and regenerate the physical body. But we do not have the aetheric energy. We don't have enough Aetheric Fluidium, or raw material or substance that's necessary, because we're putting it into many other things. We're using it to heal stress. We're using it for fighting off viruses, infections, dealing with environmental pollution, and many other things. So, the idea of creating regeneration in the body is just to bring more aetheric energy, from stimulated Xenon, into the physical body.


From channeled wisdom about Lemuria, which might correspond in biblical times to the Garden of Eden, we had 3% Xenon in our atmosphere. Xenon interacting with Earth's gravitational field and electric field high up in the atmosphere and, of course, Earth's subtle magnetic field nearer the ground, enabled a low level Xenon energy to be released all the time on the planet. We did not have death. We also did not, however, have reincarnation. By removing most of Earth's Xenon we were able to achieve that.

I use the word achieve quite correctly, because I now think that death is quite unusual in the galaxy. It has allowed us to really get in touch with love. And that is its purpose. That is to say, by dealing with emotional difficulty and suffering, as well as disease and more importantly, reincarnation, we're able to take the most important lessons about love from one lifetime to the next, in this way perfecting love in ourselves. Without death, humanity's soul was much more of one unit. By removing most of our Xenon, we began to die, and our single soul began to separate into individual souls. At the appropriate time, I imagine, our individual souls will rejoin or come together, a time that seems to be approaching. It is as if we were a research group, studying love. Then in rejoining, we would share these approaches and different lessons with each other. We would find out the very best and fastest ways to love, and know love at the most powerful levels possible. Certainly, there is a risk in such an experiment. And we've seen that, too! There's always the potential that we could "lose it" here. But I think that at the spiritual side, it's important to recognize that we are given the tools to recognize what is. Therefore, it's useful to look from that point of view about Xenon. Another property of Xenon is its ability to protect us from solar radiation. This has not been channeled through me. In the book by Solar Cross called "Star Wards" it is suggested that Xenon has the capacity to protect us from solar radiation, which is essentially damaging, and is the cause of death. That's also an interesting adjunct to my other work with Xenon, and has led to some other applications, including "Sun Elixir" available through Pegasus Products. This is water, exposed to sunlight that has been filtered through the "beam" emitted by a Unidirectional inert gas device containing Xenon. So we see science and spiritual teaching crossing over their usual boundaries. I've not always been comfortable with that. But gradually, a larger context emerges.


As an engineer, I was faced with some technological requirements. I needed to stimulate these inert gases at high pressures with magnetic fields. The magnetic fields would have to interact with the gas. Containers needed to be made of a material that was non-magnetic. I have chosen naval bronze as it has no lead in it, as most brasses do. We've found that lead tends to block the energy that's emitted from the inert gases. In all the experiments that I've done, since we don't have an empirical way of measuring, what we'll do is put our hands by the devices and see what we feel. We're also experimenting with ways in which inert gases influence plant growth and biological growth in various organisms. There's a lot of variability, because it seems as if the aetheric energy needs to have impressed upon it a visualization or some picture or blueprint as to how it is going to be directed.

One of the best ways to perceive the "inert gas effect" is just by putting your hands near either side of the device. Typical experiences people report are temperature change - hot or cold. Many people will feel a tingling sensation. There are a few people who report a sound inside their head, or they can see a light coming out of the device. Generally, approximately 30% of the people I'll expose these devices to will feel nothing. The explanation for all of this is that, as we're stimulating the aetheric body, the way in which any individual perceives and relates to the energy that comes to their aetheric body is different. Some people will receive it more on one side of the body than the other. Some will perceive it as these different stimulations to their physical senses. I'll typically use high pressures in the devices at many times atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is about 14.7 P.S.I. (pounds per square inch). Most of the devices are pressurized at about 300 PSI and go up from there. It is possible to obtain the inert gases at pressures as high as 6000 PSI. But then I run into the problem of being able to find adequate valves to contain them, because those are extremely high pressures. It does seem, however, as if there is a stronger effect at higher pressures. This also is true with the stimulation techniques, of which there are many. Permanent magnets are easiest to work with is. You don't have to plug them in, they don't get any weaker with time, and you can just keep on reusing them. They are very convenient, because you can simply remove them from each side of the device in order to "turn it off."

picture of unidirectional deviceIn my Unidirectional Device, we've observed that the inert gas effect is emitted parallel to the lines of magnetic flux. When there is a magnet inserted into each end of the device an inert gas energy will be emitted out each end. The inside of the device is a hollow chamber connected to a valve near one end. I can introduce inert gases in various combinations, different pressures and so on, and observe effects by putting a magnet on each side held in with a small thumb-screw.

The apparent release or energy occurs in a cone, subtending a 20 degree angle. If you are very close to the device, then you generally would experience it only within a narrow radius of the ends. And as you get further and further away that area of sensation widens, while the intensity diminishes.

picture of omnidirectional devicepicture of potted magnetI've also constructed a completely different type of device: the "Omnidirectional" (see picture on the left). It uses a different kind of magnet that is commonly found in machine work to mount various objects to a lathe or a mill, called a potted magnet (see picture on the right). This type of magnet is cylindrical in shape. On its open end it has 3 annular rings. At the center is the actual magnet. Surrounding this magnet is a non-magnetic ring of metal. And then on the far outside, going all the way around to the bottom, is a shape like a pot - the kind you might use on your stove - a saucepan. This is made of mild steel. The North pole is on the top, and the south pole is at the bottom, in contact with the inside bottom floor of the "pot." Magnetic flux is conducted through the bottom, up to the outer edge and jumps across back to the north pole. This produces essentially a toroidal shaped field like a donut. This type of potted magnet is similar in principle topologically to a horseshoe magnet, rotated on its axis. The Omnidirectional Device is a hollow chamber with a potted magnet standing upright inside it. I introduce inert gas into this volume and it is in contact with the top of the magnet. This design has evolved over a number of years. Initially, I had the magnet outside with its field penetrating through the outside wall. But because the field is so strong very close to the surface, and weaker farther away, I was losing about half of the field in the wall.

In this new design, the magnet is actually inside. This makes the construction a lot harder. When magnets get very hot, they lose their magnetism - the Curie Effect. Typical high brazing temperatures can destroy the magnet. With the Omni, a field results that is circular and extends all around the area. The result, with Argon and Krypton, tends to be meditative in quality. They tend to clear the energy in a room, because of the production of more aetheric substance. This tends to have the effect of what might be termed aether clearing. Improved ability of individuals to communicate with each other telepathically, to work at more psychic levels is usually noticed. But most importantly, we found this very helpful for use with the destruction of negative thought forms. One concept of negative thought forms is that they are ideas or programming, like a tape that runs over and over in us, which form in the aetheric body. As it is held there it tends to be problematic for us. We may do psychological work or other clearing, but we still have those aetheric constructs that we have to deal with. By the use of, particularly, the inert gases Krypton and especially Argon, we're finding we can rapidly clear those negative thought forms in people. Now if somebody is not doing psychological work to help get at the reason they put the thought form there in the first place, the device will simply be a stop-gap measure, a band-aid. The person will usually reconstruct the negative thought form within a short period after using the device - it could be as little as an hour, but typically, it is three days. We've noticed that with Argon the various thought forms from this lifetime are the ones that are generally affected. For thought forms from past lifetimes, Krypton seems to be indicated. It is very easy to determine if Krypton is indicated. If particular physical complaints or difficulties they're having have a very unusual quality, such as if they say "I have this pain only at night and only in my left shoulder right here." To me, the image comes up that they got shot with an arrow in a past life at night or perhaps some similar past-life vision. But whatever the particular ideology, it seems as if Krypton seems to be very helpful in various patterns that don't necessarily relate to things that people are aware of from this lifetime, nor that they have consciousness about.

In order to make the Unidirectional devices, I turn the bronze on a lathe, silver braze, and pressure test them, because we certainly don't want to let any Xenon leak out - it is so expensive. It is fairly intense and rigorous work. However, there is an alternate method of using the devices that is lower in cost. With assistance and advice from several homeopaths, I've developed a way to produce "elixirs" homeopathically from the inert gases. We point one of the Unidirectional devices into some pure water for about a half hour. Then we dilute that water to a 3X potency, with succussion, by traditional homeopathic technique. That means you take one drop, mix it with 9 drops of water. Succuss it (hit it on the palm of your hand) 50 times, then repeat. Repeat that entire process a total of three times to arrive at a 3X potency. We found that at that dilution many of the properties that are observable with the devices appear to be directly reproduced into the vibration of the water. The way homeopathy seems to work is that the potentiation by succussing the liquid seems to help bring into form the intent of the energy placed in it in the first place. I've found particular assistance with a number of cases with the inert gases Neon and Krypton. We've not had that much success with Xenon, apparently because the Xenon energy is much more than just vibrational in character. It's the actual raw material of which we are recreating missing body parts. It's difficult to actually bring that into water.

Inert gas fields can be both magnetically and electrically stimulated. One way to do both is by wrapping a coil all around the device, thus producing a magnetic field inside it. Down the center is a wire to produce the electric field. What will be noticed with electric stimulation is that the inert gas energy appears to be emitted perpendicular to the lines of electric field. Since the electric field radiates cylindrically from the central wire to the inner wall of the device, the inert gas energy is emitted perpendicularly, out the long ends of the device. Thus the magnetic and electric field stimulations combine. This tends to bring the energy, as near as we can determine, into a very tightly focused beam that is the same diameter as the inner diameter of the chamber. This would appear to be more laser-like in character. We have used this for the destruction of negative thought forms in the subtle body itself, passing the energy right through the subtle body of the person, but not through their physical body.

Another device I want to mention is commonly available these days: light bulbs that contain Krypton. That's the ultimate "poor person's inert gas device." You've probably heard about these in flashlights. They are little tiny bulbs. However, bulbs containing Krypton are commonly used in traffic lights, because the Krypton increases the lifetime of the light bulb. What I've done here is simply taken one of these light bulbs and put a magnet next to it to help stimulate and focus the energy. Then I wrap the entire arrangement with copper foil. We call this a Krypton Concentrator. We initially started using this for stimulation of the Third Eye, because Krypton seems to associate itself quite a bit with psychic abilities and the ability to perceive other dimensions - auric vision, in particular. This has been a lot of fun to play with. A whole program for third eye development has been channeled by Maurice Cooke in Canada in the book, "Other Kingdoms." We've found other uses for Krypton. A number of people with joint pain and interesting physical body complaints have told me that touching the probe to various parts of their body where there was some difficulty improved their condition dramatically. I also know people who use these for clearing crystals, where you actually touch the probe of the Krypton Concentrator to a quartz crystal and clear out any previously stored programs or energies within it. It is important when using this device that you do not actually touch any of the Krypton Concentrator's metallic surfaces with your hand. This will "ground out" the inert gas energy, and keep it from being emitted out the probe tip.

This brings me to the next thing that we've discovered. The inert gas energy is apparently mono-polar at the 3rd dimensional level. It seems to be emitted from the device and extend out. If it does eventually come back, completing the circuit, it appears to do so through the 4th dimension. We found with this device that the inert gas energy is conductible by wires. The copper foil captures the energy. The probe is insulated, so you don't touch it with your hand, thus allowing the inert gas field to move through the wire. It is available at the probe tip, which at that point can be touched to the body.



picture of igd aimed into glass of water We found that if we take one of the Unidirectional Devices and point it into a glass of water, somebody drinking the water will experience very interesting effects. When you seem to be in a normal state, I've observed a lift - like more energy. For people with migraine headaches, or unusual headache symptoms, water charged by Helium in this way will often rapidly clear the headache. The explanation for this is that energy may be trapped in the lower part of the body and cannot be released out the top of the head out the Crown Chakra. The Helium in the water seems to be able to move through the blood and open that up that Chakra. We've had interesting results with that in a number of cases of previously incurable migraines. Another use for the Helium energy is in using the device itself. When pointed directly at the person, many with insomnia have found they can get much more deep and refreshing sleep with the device. However, we've also had to moderate it. If the magnetic field is too strong, or the device is too close to them, they will actually have difficulty waking up or they'll wake up feeling groggy. The idea is to find the right blend. Generally, that is going to be a fairly low magnetic stimulation on the order of 200 or 300 gauss, and a distance away from the person of about 4 to 8 feet. Deeper, more refreshing sleep can be very helpful in a number of conditions. As the body repairs itself in sleep, Helium in the sleep state appears to accelerate the repair of trauma to the body, like sprains, dislocations, bruises, etc.


This seems to be extremely helpful for quite a number of people that I've worked with for digestion and energies that have to do with the Root Chakra. Many things that Neon seems to work with is the bringing up of energy, particularly from the Earth or in the lower part of the subtle bodies, into the Base Chakra. This can affect digestion and anything to do with the lower portion of the body. In fact, quite a few people who suggest natural remedies and vibrational remedies have been using Neon. It is probably the most popular of the rare gas essences that Pegasus Products produces. [You can contact Pegasus Products at (800) 527-6104, or at (970) 667-3019.] Also, Neon seems to reverse the feeling of being "spaced-out," because of its connection to grounding energy. We've also had several interesting effects with people suffering from various viral complaints, including cytomegalo virus (CMV), and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS). In the past, some of these had other names (like mononucleosis). These are still with us. The names have just changed. With the inert gas Neon there is some beneficial effect by increasing energy to the Root Chakra, which seems to improve the immune system, helping to destroy some of these invading organisms. Also, the reproductive system seems to be helped. We have a few cases of individuals having difficulty with conception using Neon in combination with Xenon for improving the function of various parts of the regenerative system of the body. We've had quite a number of cases here that have been very interesting. This affects both potency for men, and for women the ability to get pregnant. We also have several instances of people who have used these devices for cancer. One of the very first I ever worked with was a woman with cervical cancer. She used a device containing Neon with a little bit of Helium, so that her sleep would go very well. After four months she had a biopsy and they said no more cancer. It was quite nice for her, and great for me to get that kind of physical verification of my work.


I've already discussed its use in negative thought form destruction, for which it seems to be quite powerful. You might be quite surprised to see how many people benefit from that. It seems to also assist with energy in the solar plexus and energy having to do with our own understanding of self-empowerment. Some people also report improved sleep. This isn't so much for insomniacs, but people who may perhaps be journeying out-of-the-body so much that they need to be right in their body while they're nourishing themselves in sleep.


Besides having the negative thought form destruction characteristics I've already observed, Krypton seems to improve psychic abilities. People who use it regularly will generally notice things happening in the Third Eye. Krypton Elixir is especially interesting. Channeled guidance indicated that it might be helpful for epilepsy. I had a chance to try that with several cases. In one case, a female epileptic dropped her level of Dilantin in half. In another case, after the use of one entire bottle of Krypton Elixir, a man was able to go off Dilantin completely, and has had no drugs or seizures since. It has now been two years! That's after just one bottle of Krypton Elixir. That was quite remarkable and unusual, but it shows us some of the potentials available with the inert gases. Krypton seems to improve brain function. It balances what is happening at a psychic level with the conscious level. Since epilepsy appears to be an out-of-phase condition between the different lobes of the brain, Krypton's ability to enhance brain function would certainly seem to help.


Xenon is most useful for regeneration. Of course this is very controversial. We don't have the ability in traditional science to produce regeneration in human beings very easily. We usually mix Xenon with various other gases to focus on particular parts of the body. We have a Xenon-based combination for regrowing teeth. I have worked with several people who have regrown missing teeth. The combination includes Neon and Helium with the Xenon. Next, we have some cases of people who have regenerated hips and improved their backs. Here we generally use Krypton mixed with the Xenon, as it seems to help bone and skin. But for blood engorged organs, for parts of the body where blood is used, then we usually mix Argon with the Xenon. For the regenerative system, we use Neon mixed with Xenon. Lastly, one I've experimented a lot with is a combination of Xenon with small amounts of Argon and Krypton. This seems to be very helpful for lungs. When I expose myself to it, I experience something very similar to how I feel around a negative ion machine: I have deeper breathing, and a feeling of lightness and increased energy.


The inert gas energy is best emitted in line with magnetic fields. It's usually suggested that the person sleep aligned with the earth's north/ south magnetic field. The device is placed in the north end of the room and points directly at the person's head as they are sleeping. When the moon is in the same astrological sign as the bodily system governed by that sign, we find it generally not useful to use the device. For instance, Scorpio governs the regenerative organs. So, you would not use the device when working with the regenerative organs when the moon is in Scorpio. Working with the inert gases certainly has a lot of potential. Of course, I've touched only briefly on the higher power uses of this, which can get us far afield from medical, therapeutic and other applications and into all kinds of very interesting capacities, some of which I am working with currently. In the meantime I invite others to become aware of and work with the inert gases, as they may see appropriate.


Regarding the characteristics of the inert gas energy, what other kinds of energy might be present besides magnetic or electro-magnetic?

When looking at the theoretical side of this, it's really controversial! Because who knows what magnetism is? It's the contention of the subtle energy that I work with that magnetic energy is a wind in the aether. And the movement of aetheric, therefore, shows up as what is revealed as magnetic energy. This is actually a more fundamental component of energy than either electric or magnetic, and, in fact, is the basis or building-block of all matter in the universe, having come from these 4th dimensional Primary Points becoming 3rd dimensional and then manifesting, as the matter that we work with.

How do I mix the gases? There's almost nothing known about the eutectics of mixed gases and I couldn't find a mixing manifold for gases.

Right! No mixing manifold is necessary! It's just a matter of partial pressures. Physically, to mix them is very simple. You just put the pressure gauge on the chamber and bring it up to the partial pressures that are needed for the various mixtures - very simple! There's always the problem that the denser inert gases, like Krypton and Xenon, will liquify at too high a pressure. So, that has to be taken into account.

Have you experimented with mixing any of the noble gases with inert non-noble gases, like Nitrogen?

Yes! There have been some very interesting experiments done with Oxygen. Apparently, Oxygen has very interesting vibrational characteristics and has a lot to do with life. So, there seems to be some interesting relationships between the vibrational characteristics of Oxygen and its ability to work with the inert gases. It's something that I'm only just beginning to pursue at this point. With all the other gases, certainly there may be other application out there. In my own experiments, I've not been able to discover any particular usefulness in mixing with Nitrogen or other gases.

Have you ever used pulsed fields, either DC or AC with frequencies, and what has been the result?

It seems as if pulsed fields can be very useful, particularly the device used for the destruction of negative thought forms. Pulsed fields on the order of 30 to 60 cycles, low frequencies, are very useful. However, where it certainly gets interesting is if you get up into the high frequencies. But the problem with that is the physical construction of the device in order to get adequate penetration. If a metal chamber is used, skin effects and eddy currents can prevent much of the magnetic field from entering into the inert gas inside.

When working with inert gases how important is consciousness and your intention?

If you visualize where the changes are going to go, that is usually how they show up. And that is usually how the device is used. While you're sleeping, you hold the visualization of where the energy is going to go. However, we do have experience with people in comas, or working with animals and plants, where the intent of the operator - the intent of the person near them - is also available and quite useful.

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